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A candid photo of Johnathan Carter


Johnathan Carter, a seasoned Fight Director, now based in Seattle, Washington, is widely recognized and respected in the theater industry for their expertise in crafting captivating and authentic moments of violence on stage. With an impressive repertoire of skills and a meticulous approach, Carter brings a unique blend of artistry and technical proficiency to their work. They possess a deep understanding of various martial arts styles, weapon handling techniques, and physical storytelling, allowing them to create compelling stories that enhances the narrative and captivates audiences. Collaborative and communicative, Carter seamlessly integrates into productions, working closely with directors, actors, and production teams to ensure safety and a seamless theatrical experience.

In addition to their skill as a Fight Director, Carter is driven by a passion for education and training. They actively participate in workshops and seminars, sharing their knowledge and empowering aspiring performers  to develop their skills. With a reputation for professionalism, creativity, and a genuine love for their craft, Carter continues to make a lasting impact on the theater industry. Their expertise and dedication enrich productions, leaving a profound impression on both audiences and fellow theater professionals alike.

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